We Go the Extra Mile

We do our research

We like to have a working knowledge of the material we’re translating

  • We study your background, target customer, intended message and objectives
  • We research and train on new technology

What we bring you

  • Translators with previous experience in specialized fields (engineering, marketing, technical, etc.)
  • Qualified technical consultants to advise translators
  • Panel of native-speaking consultants to review translations in specialized fields

We double and triple-check our work


We don’t think we are done as soon as the translation is delivered

  • If you have to manipulate our translation (to create a brochure or an ad in a design software for instance), we always check the final product before it goes to press
  • One final check is included with the translation fee

What we bring you

  • A lower risk of error
  • Confirmation that you will print a great product
  • We take responsibility for our quality until production

We format the documents

We know you don’t have time to reformat your translated documents

  • French is usually 25% longer than English. It can cause shifts in your document format
  • We adjust margins, fonts, sizes, to make text fit
  • The document you receive is virtually “ready to go”

What we bring you

  • A lot of time saved
  • Page setting and design services

We do everything in-house


We take care of your entire project, from start to finish

We can:

  • Translate
  • Design
  • Print
  • Ship
  • Transcribe
  • Dub
  • Record

What we bring you

  • We are your one-stop shop
  • No need to deal with multiple vendors