Unlike the majority of [translation company we used to deal with], SDS ensures that they are familiar with our product and sought message prior to starting a job. We have tried many other translators and found SDS to be the quickest and most accurate. We have developed a great business relationship over the years.

~ Kia

It has been a pleasure working with SDS. They are incredible. They are very sensitive to my deadlines and always get the job done on time… and done well. There is no one else I would trust with my work.

~ Mitsubishi

SDS has been a pleasure to work with and I always know I can rely on your team to get our projects done – often very last minute!! I so appreciated all the work you do and how you make my job easier. Thank you!

~ Benefit Cosmetics Canada

SDS has come through for us many times on projects that other translators said would be impossible under our deadlines. I have always been impressed with their commitment to provide service over-and-above what is required.

~ Jackson Marketing

We are grateful to have strong conscientious partners like SDS Linguistics who continuously deliver superb service and product. I frequently receive comments from departments telling me that they are extremely pleased with the quick turnaround and excellent workmanship that are the hallmark of SDS Linguistics.

~ Mitsubishi Motors

We are extremely happy with our relationship with SDS Linguistics. Their prompt turnaround time has helped us meet many tough deadlines. Because our translation requirements are exclusively for television where timing is everything, we appreciate their creative and innovative approach to delivering the best and most appropriate translations in each situation.


SDS Linguistics has been an invaluable partner in our expansion into the French-Canadian market, providing flexible, proactive service and exceeding each and every one of my (extremely high) expectations.

~ Jianshe

SDS Linguistics has provided our company with excellent translation services in a timely manner. Their knowledge and experience enable the translators to use proper industry-specific terminology and thus, produce high-end results. I have complete confidence in their staff and the quality of their work.


SDS offers unsurpassed service. I truly and strongly recommend their services. Accurate translations and quick professional service are just a few of their strong assets. Thanks SDS.

~ Saunacore

Not only does SDS deliver high-quality work, they offer suggestions for improvement as well.

~ Bobcat

SDS has always come through when other translators said it would be impossible because of our tight deadlines.

~ NGK Spark Plugs