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Corporate experience

Our staff has extensive knowledge of various industries. Translation is often our second (or third, or fourth) calling in life. As such, we all have a keen understanding of the various realities of today’s businesses. We know what it’s like to be under the gun and we will do everything in our power to help you meet your deadline and make the whole process as smooth and painless as possible.

Easy to use

Getting a high quality translation is as easy as a click of the mouse. You send us a document via e-mail, tell us when you need it returned, and we will translate it for you and send the document back to you, in its original format, on time. We work in all MS application as well as various design software. (Please see “We go the extra mile” for more info)

Quick turnaround

We like meeting deadlines. We like a challenge. We can’t help it, that’s just who we are. Put us to the test or just look at our clients’ testimonials. We will do everything in our power to meet your deadlines.

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