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Services & Rates

REGULAR TRANSLATION $0.23/word - Minimum charge: $35.00


  • Translation of the document
  • Insertion of translation into the original file/format sent by the client 
  • If the original file is sent in a format that isn’t readily editable (PDF, design software, .tif, .jpg, etc.), the translation will be provided in Word*. In this case, a proofread of the final product, to ensure translation placement and accuracy, is included in the regular rate.

†Applicable only to basic MS applications such as Word, Excel and Power Point. For other formats, please see graphic design/page setting

*We also provide graphic design and page set services. Please see graphic design/page setting for more information.

RUSH TRANSLATION $0.29/word - Minimum charge: $35.00

RUSH is defined as:

  • Same day translation*
  • Next morning translation requested after noon*
  • Requests in excess of 1,700 words per full business day. (Ex.: a 5,400 word document must be returned within 2 business days)

* Applies to documents of any length

SURCHARGE $90.00/document

A surcharge of $90 per document will apply in the following circumstances:

  • Same day translation, requested after 3 pm*
  • Next morning translation requested after 3:00 pm*
  • Translation requested after 1 pm on Friday and due for Monday*
  • Requests made and due outside of business hours

* Applies to documents of any length, rush rate also applies

PROOFREADING $0.08/word - Minimum charge: $25.00

A proofreading charge will apply in the following circumstances:

  • Proofreading/correcting a document not previously translated by SDS
  • Comparing an original document to a translated document when changes were not tracked.* 
  • Proofreading of a translation inserted in a design format that doesn’t recognize special characters, thus requiring extensive proofreading (ex. certain design software, Websites, etc.)*

* Applies whether the document was translated by SDS or not.

† The words of both the original and the translated documents will be counted since a line by line comparison between both documents is required.

ADMIN FEE $20.00

An Admin fee will apply to requests submitted by e-mail rather than through the Task Manager.


  • Our site is down and access is denied
  • A client only has access to an electronic PDA at the time of the request


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