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It is a well-known fact that most national Canadian companies rely solely on translation agencies to reach the lucrative Québec consumer market. However, translations can be costly and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find translation agencies that remain in touch with the realities of today’s businesses, such as after-hour service, prompt turnaround and understanding of their specific industries and target clients.

It is with this in mind that SDS Linguistics was founded in 2000. As clearly stated in our mission statement, the founding principles were Affordability, Open Dialogue, Flexibility and Business Savvy. It turned out to be quite the recipe to success.

Incorporated in 2007, SDS’ revenues have increased 7,600% over the past 8 years. SDS’ client base has grown from just 1 client in 2000 to over 26 national and international clients and all this, without spending a cent on advertising. Word-of-mouth from satisfied clients “speaks” for itself.

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